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  Mold Remediation Procedures - Certified Mold Removal

 Black Mold Remediation_Mold Removal MA_on_Ceiling
Black Stachybotrys Mold Growth on Ceiling

Advanced Mold Remediation performs free mold remediation quotes. Just call our office between 8:30AM and 10:00PM to schedule an inspection. One of our certified mold inspectors will promptly come out to your home or business.

     Mold Remediation Procedures ::

1) Containment:  We set-up a proper containment area to prevent the spreading of mold spores from the contaminated work area to non-target areas. Then, a heppa filtered air scrubbing machine is installed to remove air-born mold spores during the mold removal procedures. This is most important when performing basement mold remediation, or when performing mold remediation to inside living areas of the house.

Removing the Mold Contaminated Materials:  Removing the Mold Contaminated Materials: We then remove and dispose of all porous, contaminated materials. I.E. Sheetrock, wall and ceiling insulation and carpeting.
Note: A common place we perform mold remediation, other than to an attic ceiling
or bathroom, is to a basement for grey or black mold removal. Black mold growth found in a wet basement is frequently the most toxic type of mold we remediate. Its called stachybotrys mold. Its usually a solid black color and needs very high moisture levels (like a past flood) to get established.
It prefers to grow on cellulose materials that got wet; i.e. sheetrock walls.
Another 2 common basement molds are aspergillus & penicillium. They are frequently found in damp basements with a humidity level above 60% growing on walls, ceilings and stored items, or near the floor. Aspergillus & Penicillium mold growth can look either white, grey, charcoal, yellow or blueish colored. These above two mold types are usually found to be of medium toxicity and are harmful to humans when exposed to them over a period of time. Like, stachybotrys mold they can also produce harmful mycotoxins.
3) Killing and Cleaning the Mold:  Then, our Mold Remediation Technology is applied by trained, professional technicians. We'll hand clean the mold with an EPA registered moldicide/cleaner/sanitizer/ disinfectant specifically formulated for mold remediation that will kill all surface molds. We then perform an additional 3 steps that many mold remediation companies skip.

4) Removing the Mold Stains:  We'll apply a very specialized mold stain remover that will remove the remaining deep mold stains.  This is most important when performing mold remediation to exposed attic ceiling wood. To read why, see our Attic Mold Page.

5) Fungicide:  We'll then treat the wall and or, ceiling materials with an environmentally friendly solution from the mineral family that is designed to penetrate deeper into the wood to kill the mold roots (hyphae) and prevent mold re-growth. 

Sealer:  A long lasting anti-microbial encapsulant sealant can also be applied. We use different types of mold remediation sealers for various areas and materials. After the application of our sealer we can warranty the treated materials against future mold re-growth.

Note:  We use a clear anti-microbial sealer 99% of the time. Before we can use a clear sealer, we need to get the cleaned and treated  wood surfaces looking clean & mold free. Some companies routinely apply a low quality white sealer to cover up a poorly cleaned attic ceiling. When they do this the white sealer will start peeling within a few years where it was applied over the remaining moldy areas. This leads to a very difficult and expensive redo. Also, the white sealer on the attic ceiling sends out a red flag to any future home inspectors.
Note:  Mold remediation is very case specific. Our treatments are tailored to the unique situation of each property. Sometimes elderly or sick people can't leave the premises. Some basements have flooding or moisture problems. Some attics have ventilation problems or ice dams. All these conditions will need to be considered before a proper mold remediation plan can be written.


Basement_Mold Remediation, Mold Removal Needham MA
Basement Mold Remediation

     Mold Abatement Equipment ::
We have the latest in Dry-Ice Blasting Machines, High Capacity Air Compressors, Air Scrubbing Machines, Powered Air-less Sprayers, Negative Air Pressure Machines, Power Foggers, Powered Air-less Sprayers, High Capacity Dehumidifiers, Air Moving Equipment
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     Mold Remediation Certification ::
    Certified mold removal, Salem MA mold Remediation, mold removal Salem               

Post-Testing ::
Is it gone?   How do I know?   After a mold remediation job has been completed, our company can perform additional mold testing to the treated areas in the environment where the risks were identified and a mold removal procedure was performed. These can be either indoor air testing or direct sample re-testing of remediated materials. All samples are sent to an independent 3rd party laboratory for analysis. Data analysis from these new culture surveys is made available to the client on a confidential basis. At that point we can provide a scientific-based before and after evaluation of our work to demonstrate and to provide assurance that the building is safe.

     Prevention ::
How can I stop mold from returning after I have had a mold remediation treatment performed?   Find the water intrusion source(s) and correct them.
          If the mold problem was in the basement:
Make sure gutters take roof water at least 9 ft. away from exterior foundations
Make sure the soil grade doesn't slope down along the foundation
          Seal any foundation or basement floor cracks
Cover dirt crawlspaces with heavy fire retardant poly
          Run a de-humidifier set at 50%


If the mold problem was in the attic:

        Check the attic roof for leaks after a heavy rain
        Prevent winter ice dams on roof
        Make sure upstairs bathroom is venting outside - not inside attic
        Check to see if there is adequate lower soffit vent openings
        Make sure the soffit vents are not covered with floor insulation
        Homes should have proper ridge venting on the attic peak

Note: Attic venting conditions and requirements vary from house to house. What might be adequate for one home might be completely inadequate for another. Poor attic ventilation will lead to wet attic ceilings in the winter and even frost can build-up on them. This wet attic ceiling condition in the winter is when mold growth occurs. We have been to over 5,000 attics with venting problems. Our inspectors are very knowledgeable about what venting corrections are needed to properly ventilate your attic. Feel free to ask them any questions during your inspection.

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Massachusetts Towns We Service

Essex County Massachusetts

Andover MA N. Andover MA Bradford MA
Haverhill MA Lawrence MA Methuen MA
Lynnfield MA Saugus MA Lynn MA
Middleton MA Danvers MA Boxford MA
Ipswich MA Topsfield MA Hamilton MA
Newburyport MA Newbury MA W. Newbury MA
Georgetown MA Rowley MA Groveland MA
Beverly MA Gloucester MA Rockport MA
Manchester MA Essex MA Magnolia MA
Marblehead MA Salem MA Swampscott MA
Peabody MA Lynn MA Nahant MA


Middlesex County Massachusetts
Acton MA Carlisle MA Concord MA
Westford MA Boxborough MA Littleton MA
Groton MA Marlborough MA Stow MA
Hopkinton MA Framingham MA Natick MA
Holliston MA Ashland Ma Sherborn MA
Arlington Ma Lexington MA Belmont MA
Cambridge MA Somerville MA Medford MA
Burlington MA Woburn MA Winchester MA
Wilmington MA Stoneham MA Reading MA
Lowell MA Tewksbury MA Methuen Ma
Tyngsboro MA Bedford MA Pepperell MA
Waltham MA Watertown MA Weston MA
Wayland MA Lincoln MA Sudbury MA
Wakefield MA Melrose MA Saugus Ma
Everett MA Malden MA Revere MA
Chelmsford MA Hudson MA Maynard MA
Ayer MA Townsend MA Shirley MA
Brighton MA Brookline MA Newton MA
Newton Highlands Chestnut Hill W. Newton MA
Billerica MA North Reading Tewksbury MA

Norfolk County Massachusetts

Dover MA Stoughton MA Sharon MA
Quincy MA Milton MA Brookline Ma
Randolph MA Millis MA Dedham MA
Walpole MA Foxboro MA Norwood MA
Dorchester MA Canton MA Hyde Park Ma
Needham MA Wellesley MA Franklin MA
Braintree MA Holbrook MA Cohasset MA
Medfield MA Medway MA Norfolk MA


Suffolk County Massachusetts

Boston MA Roslindale MA E. Boston
Revere Ma Winthrop MA Allston MA
S. Boston MA South End Boston Jamaica Plain MA



Plymouth County Massachusetts

Hingham MA Norwell MA Kingston MA
Hanover MA Pembroke MA Carver MA
Marshfield MA Duxbury MA Hull MA
Plymouth MA Halifax MA Plympton MA
Brockton MA Abington MA Bridgewater MA
Scituate MA Hanson MA E. Bridgewater
Weymouth MA Rockland MA W. Bridgewater



Worcester County Massachusetts 


Clinton Ma Bolton MA W. Boylston MA
Uxbridge MA Sterling MA Northborough MA
Berlin Ma Milford MA Southboro MA
Mendon MA Hopedale MA Northboro MA
Grafton MA Boylston MA Westboro MA
Upton MA Harvard MA Southborough MA
Worcester MA Auburn MA Westborough MA
Shrewsbury MA Marlboro MA Lunenburg MA
Princeton MA Northbridge MA Westminster MA
Fitchburg MA Leominster MA Lancaster MA


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Salem NH Pelham NH Plaistow NH
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Nashua NH Windham NH Hudson NH
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Exeter NH Newton NH Epping NH
Atkinson NH Auburn NH Chester NH
Raymond NH Sandown NH Manchester NH
Kingston NH Rye NH Stratham NH
Hampstead NH Bedford NH Seabrook NH
Derry NH Exeter NH Hampton Falls
Hampstead NH Hampton NH Londonderry NH

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